My name is Harold and I was dumped in the woods and left to fend for myself which I had been doing for a while anyway. When my foster family first came to get me they said that I was probably a very old dog. I had a hard time walking and I just looked very worn down but now I act like a much younger dog. In fact, they said sometimes I act like a puppy!! I am such a happy guy always smiling and always wagging my tail. They say I might be around 7 years old. You can still see some remnants of my bad past like having no front teeth. That is probably from trying to chew my way out of a pen that I was forced to be in 24/7.

I was very underweight but getting plenty of nutritious food has made a huge difference. I am sooooo handsome now!! I wasn’t given heartworm prevention either and had to go through nasty heartworm treatment but now I have finished my treatment and am waiting to test negative.  I am looking for a furever home now. I am a pretty easy going guy. I like to sleep but am also getting more active and interested in what is going on. I am starting to seek out my foster mom for pets and I just started playing with my foster brothers and sisters. I LOVE LOVE LOVE other dogs. Nothing makes my tail wag faster than seeing another dog. I want a home with a nice yard to run in. I never want to be caged again. I am looking for a LOVING home who will never mistreat me or neglect me. An owner who LOVES me always.  I do counter surf and I will get into the garbage because I am so used to having to find my food. But I promise that is my only bad habits and soon I will not feel the need to do either.


All adoptions require a home visit and vet check.
Adoption fees range from $150 – $300
This fee covers all vaccinations, spay/neuter and any other medical treatment needed.